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Our respondents suggested ten bad reasons to leave life in the marketplace:. Do these questions induce a nod or two? If so, your calling may originate more from yourself than the Lord.

Your Work IS Your Ministry

Jesus himself worked in the family carpentry business. Many of his teachings were parables that resonated with business people and the entire working class.

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Our Lord worked longer in business than he did in full-time ministry. This was no accident. He easily identified with those in the marketplace and with secular workers through the ages. He not only crossed over, he spun business into deeply significant lessons and illustrations. God placed you in your current career because it is a season of your life that has a beginning and an end ordained by him.

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He pondered why Jesus appeared on the earth in that exact moment in history. Why didn;t he come earlier, before the Egyptian enslavement?

Or later, right before the fall of Jerusalem? Or is the time not yet ripe for any changes? If we would only trust that the Lord brought us into our current season for a limited time to learn specific lessons, to grow in our walk, to serve certain people, then we would enjoy the moment. We can have faith that our Father in heaven will carry us into the next chapter of our lives at just the right time.

Extend your roots deep into the dirt under your feet. Practice ministering in a familiar environment.

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When I sold advertising for a rock radio station in the mid-nineties, I formed a quick friendship with a new ad rep a few cubicles down from mine. He overflowed with positive energy and laid several hints that he might be a Christian.

1. Our best example, Jesus, integrated workplaces and jobs with his life’s mission.

We are a bunch of accountants, engineers, programmers, administrators, winemakers, full-time mothers, and more. Leadership Coaching. Doing your work well speaks volumes about your character. They learn all of this, and yet when they enter church ministry they appear to put it back on the shelf. To request a disability-related accommodation in the application process, contact us at

I was a relatively new believer myself, so this excited me. I soon became a target for his smooth words and sound arguments against what I knew to be true. But I also started reading about how to counter his tactics. We had some healthy debates. I hungered for further equipping. Finally I enrolled in a seminary class on witnessing to the cults.

As a grad student I was assigned an end-of-term paper on any topic within the scope of the class. I spent an evening of indecision about my theme. My growing passion for apologetics and the cults started with a workplace relationship. God used my friend to give me depth and awaken a hunger for learning.

Work as Ministry

In the end that coworker indirectly equipped me to break more effectively through the deceptions of cults. If you leave your secular career, what opportunities will you squander that God meant only for you? Are there people around you at work right now who need to hear the gospel? Maybe he wants you to ask him right now, before you go any further with your dream. Bob Buford brought the concept of halftime into sharp focus for a multitude of men and women facing midlife searches for purpose. He interviewed accomplished people, most of whom scoffed at the mention of retirement.

I feel drawn toward organizational and creative work rather than preaching or teaching. In other words, do you agree that God gives us certain spheres of influence he wants us to reach without leaving the marketplace?

During his last eight years as CEO of Buford Television, Bob worked on transitioning into his own halftime until he sold the family-owned national cable company in When he wrote Halftime, he was still four years away from leaving the marketplace to become a social entrepreneur. Now back to the question: if God directs our paths Proverbs , why should we take it upon ourselves to leave our jobs and go into ministry? The ones with the normal 9 to 5 jobs and the families at home?

Do our callings compare to those of the pastors and missionaries of whom we hear so much about? I recently came across the following quote from A. It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it. We had been talking about our callings and how they fit into our jobs, but all of us are working full time, and our different job descriptions do not include preaching or missionary work. We are a bunch of accountants, engineers, programmers, administrators, winemakers, full-time mothers, and more.

So how does this calling that God placed in our hearts fit into a full-time job? What if we have been looking at things wrongly all along? What if God had placed us in our jobs with more in mind than just giving us a place to work in order to get the salary we need.

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What if God placed us there with a plan — and I am not only talking about reaching those you work with — but what if the plan also includes being the best at your job? Being the one who stands out because of the quality of work you do and the way in which you do it? I know, I know, God can speak to you while you are praying for someone or while you are preparing for small group or writing a sermon, but have you ever spoken to God while working and asked God about your job? I must admit, I have: While I was working on our year planning, trying to find a better way of managing our events.

I have asked Him about the way we work and how to improve it. And He answered me. It is amazing when God starts working with you, or, perhaps I should say, when you realise that God is the Master in your area of work and He has the solutions you are looking for.

What if we could be like Bezalel? He was anointed to do a very specific job and that job was to make the furnishings, utensils, and clothes for the temple.