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Code written with this package is still valid R, but the differences from what R code normally looks like highlight the language's roots in Scheme. Real Lisp macros the "non-hygienic", defmacro-based variety are also supported. The implementation hews more closely to the way macros work in Common Lisp than other macro implementations for R, such as the one in the gtools package.

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Future work on schemeR will include an exploration of hygienic macros and whether they can be implemented as well. The main entry point is the schemeR function, which takes code written in this package's prefix style, translates it to the usual R syntax, and executes it. For example, here are prefix and infix versions of a simple loop the invisible is to hide final return values :. The unusual-for-Lisp syntax on display in prefix code is a consequence: lists must start with a.

Despite its usefulness, the. Some of the included operators are:. This package's implementation of macros is closer to Common Lisp's version than other R implementations are. A working example of using macros demonstrates most package features.

The macro below implements Python's list comprehensions:. Ignore Learn more. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Ports of Scheme features to R. R While reading The Negotiator, the first book of Harbor City series and the one that I got the chance to meet Avery's Flynn function world come to life, I fell in love with it. I was immediately impressed by the author's interesting writing talent and I promised not to miss the chance to read the next book of the series, which in the end unfortunately missed.

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The Schemer was my chance to find out if my first impression was still Yes, is still is! Yet what I have in The Schemer is this frustrating feeling after I finish reading it. While the plot was incredible interesting and spine-tingling I had a feeling that something is missing. I bet it is the sex scenes!

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I think the tension about having sex with the sex scenes per se weren't matched enough. I wanted to be more but that is only my opinion. Tyler Jacobson is our Schemer! He is the most arrogant, frustrating, cocky, eye candy of a man I never believed excisted. Well, of course he has serious reasons to act the way he is but, jeez, most of the times he was over the line, mostly unjustified, trying to get his way the one way or the other. He indeed needed the right type of woman to put him in his place and what a sight he was when that happened!

Everly Ribinski, on the other hand, is our bad-ass woman warrior! Yes that's her. She is an independent, fierce woman who doesn't stop to any man's comments.


She stands to herself and run over them in no time. My kind of girl!!! Everly is a woman who embraced her origin, kept it tight with both hands and move forward having her head high. Her childhood transformed her to the woman she is now. Until she let her nemesis to take a hold of the soft spot she kept in her heart for the ones she cares with the risk to destroy it.

The Schemer has a heartwarming, mindful story inside it yet I believe connecting there two characters was a joy and a challenge for the author as for me while reading about them.

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Combining the frustrating, full of himself Tyler with the stubborn, always ready for challenge Everly was meant to create the most surreal story. They aren't perfect for each other, both have trust issues, still they have this mysterious aura that pulled them together. As the story unfolds it was really difficult not to fell for them, ache for them, want them to have the end they deserve. It was inevitable! In the meantime, there is an unexpected yet very welcome development about an other well-known character of the series.

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To view this member's profile, you will need to leave the current Help page. Elmar Tarajan Elmar Tarajan view profile. Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another. If you are located outside the U. Download your e-book s from your bookshelf. These birds walk with a comic, rolling gate.

You wouldn't believe it yourselves! Two HEAs in one package, can you believe it? I hope I intrigued your imagination a little and make you grab the book, finding out what's really happening because there is no way to tell you myself. Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with the most unforgettable stories. I enjoyed the storyline, it held my interest from start to end and I liked the all characters. Tyler and Everly were likable characters that entertained me with their banter, and sexual tension.

These two made me laugh, swoon and they also annoyed me a few times. Especially Tyler. I know he had issues from his childhood, and I did feel for him but it felt like he spent so much time in his head 3. I know he had issues from his childhood, and I did feel for him but it felt like he spent so much time in his head and putting down his old neighborhood that it started to take some of the fun away from the book. I found myself connecting more with Everly's character, I liked how she owned who she was, where she came from and didn't give into the pressure of being someone else to be accepted amongst the rich and famous.

Everly was perfect for Tyler, her passion and honesty made Tyler open his heart and see what everyone else saw, that he was a good man who had lost his way. The Schemer is a good addition to the Harbor City series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them all.

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The heir to Martina Cole’s crown with a story of murder, the underworld, violence and treachery. She is desperate to escape the run-down, pokey council house she shares with her overbearing family, but at fourteen years old she has nowhere to go. When Stephanie meets East End wide. Start by marking “The Schemer (Harbor City, #3)” as Want to Read: Tyler Jacobson has a plan for everything—except how to handle his completely annoying, utterly frustrating, and totally sexy upstairs neighbor. The Schemer is book three in the Harbor City series by Avery Flynn.

The Schemer is now live! Feb 05, Sissy's Romance Book Review rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-author-publisher , fun-or-funny , 4-star , trt , read , arc-netgalley , contemporary , series. This is the story of Tyler Jacobson and Everly Ribinski. This is easily a standalone book. Tyler and Everly live in the same building and have been butting heads. They both know hardships growing up so they do hae things in common and there is attraction there. But they don't let themselves get past their head butting. But when Tyler learns that Everly could be a key part of him getting a business deal he wants her help.

Everly of course doesn't go along with it a first until he points out a few important things to her that could impact her. So she agrees to help him which opens them up to spending more time together and feelings to start to take off. This was a really funny hot romance. Really enjoyed their story! Feb 06, Sofia Lazaridou rated it liked it. It makes me sad to give 3 stars to this book, but I don't feel like I should give it the 4 stars I normally would have.

Because of Tyler. He was so focused on forgetting his roots and becoming one of the men with the money whose kids didn't need the scholarship to attend the school he had. I wasn't able to like him to be honest.

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And I didn't like the way he treated Everly after she tried to defend him. She stood up for him and he said some mean stuff to her. Everly is my poor baby and Tyler It makes me sad to give 3 stars to this book, but I don't feel like I should give it the 4 stars I normally would have.