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Lantana , as the film is called is both a great Sydney film the title comes from a weed found all over the city and one of the greatest noirs of the last two decades even if the action often takes place in bright sunlight rather than shadows.

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Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more : Copy Email. A detailed analysis of The Great Gatsby , thus, illustrates how the excessive visuality and symbolism that are an integral part of Red Curtain Cinema and a trademark of Luhrmann, have returned twelve years after the completion of the Red Curtain Trilogy. Barry Otto Barry Otto is an Australian actor and voice artist of cinema and an amateur artist. Red Curtain Trilogy No. Retrieved 21 March Therefore, Red Curtain Cinema makes use of an elaborate framing structure that encloses each film in three or more layers of frame. Can you see any disadvantages?

David Caesar is an Australian writer-director who has worked extensively in television and film. After World War Two, her typing skills were employed by the newly formed Australian National Film Board, a Government body that was explicitly set up to try and boost Australian film production, which had largely languished in the first half of the 20 th century. In the s, Long moved from documentaries to drama, as she wrote the screenplay for Caddie , adapting Caddie: The Story of a Barmaid , which was the story of a Sydney woman in the s who tries to escape from her violent and drunken husband.

It was a huge domestic hit and soon led Long to adapt another s-set story, that of a traveling film exhibitor, The Picture Show Ma n Eventually, Long completed her remarkable rise up the cinematic ranks by becoming a major Australian film producer, notably on Silver City , a drama about Polish immigrants arriving in Australia after the end of World War Two. Baz Luhrmann is not only the most successful Australian film director in the last thirty years but one of the greatest film-makers from any country in the last thirty years. David Williamson is one of the most successful Australian playwrights and screenwriters of the late 20 th century and indeed of the 21 st century so far, whose output for stage and screen has been prodigious both in quantity and quality.

Where do we see such stereotypes used? What images of Australia do they present?

What impressions of Australia do you receive in each film? Strictly Ballroom also won several other Ballroom dancing is hugely popular in several countries around the world. With successful season at the Wharf Theatre in Sydney before touring to the World Expo awards, including eight Australian Film Institute Awards, three British Academy ts garish costumes, obsession with detail and rigorous rules, it has evolved into a dance sport and has recently been introduced to the Olympics. There are clubs and societies in countries around the world devoted to the promotion of ballroom dancing.

Baz Luhrmann was introduced to the world of competitive ballroom dancing as a child growing up in Australia. His mother was a dancing teacher, and he took lessons, danced competitively and became a champion ballroom dancer himself. Awards and a Golden Globe nomination. They agreed that he would write the script and direct the film. In Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce wrote the final screenplay for Strictly Ballroom, but the Australian Film Finance Corporation were cautious about financing a first time director, producer and a largely unknown team.

Few films were being made in Australia in the early s, as it was in the midst of an conomic recession. His creativity and vision eventually win out despite the obstacles in his way. Their vision and passion, combined with tenacity, hard work and determination helped them succeed in getting Strictly Ballroom made. Given the economic circumstances in Australia at the time, and the fact that Baz Luhrmann had never directed a feature film before, this was indeed a substantial achievement. Inspired by this experience, the original premise for Strictly Ballroom was based on overcoming oppression.

Luhrmann chose the world of ballroom dancing because of his own experiences in that world. Find out about the sudden death of producer Ted Albert, the money was eventually raised to make the film, with the Australian Film Finance Corporation as main investor. See Interview with Tristram Miall. Despite all these difficulties, Strictly Ballroom became a huge hit in Australia and Theatre Festival in Czechoslovakia, where it received awards for best production and best director.

The students felt oppressed by the strict regime at their drama school. Do you have any personal experience or knowledge of such a regime? Give some examples. What impressions do you receive of Baz Luhrmann and his team? Once the audience Baz Luhrmann describes his trilogy of ilms as examples of red curtain cinema. According to Baz Luhrmann, there are rules and conventions in red curtain inema just as in other film genres.

The first rule is that the story needs to be set in a heightened creative world. Strictly Ballroom opens with a theatrical swish of red velvet curtains. The opening image leads us into the world of competitive ballroom dancing, peopled by larger-than-life characters obsessed with winning.

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The second rule is that the story should be based on a recognisable story shape. Similarly, the fairy tale about he ugly duckling being transformed into a swan is mirrored in the character of Fran. Thirdly, and finally, red curtain cinema is also audience participation cinema. For Luhrmann, the audience needs to be aware that what they are watching is not meant to be real. To achieve this he employed distancing techniques to ensure that the spectator stands outside the xperience. Baz Luhrmann wants the audience to be active participants, aware that they are watching a film. So does red curtain cinema work, and are we convinced by it as a new cinema form?

The world created in Strictly Ballroom is indeed larger-than-life, lamboyant and stylised. Those who love watching MTV may disagree, but in my view the audience simply does not have time to absorb the myriad images, sounds, sweeping camera angles and special effects. Far from encouraging our emotional involvement with the characters and storyline, these distancing techniques in fact have the opposite effect. Give some examples of films like this. Does it work, in your opinion?

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Give examples of key moments from the film that illustrate its combination of genres eg. Randy Crawford and Nirvana. A-effects include a presentational style of acting, use of of roles. There are two contrasting worlds in Strictly Ballroom. Locations in this world are always interior.

It is represented as being fiercely conservative, with rigid rules that must be obeyed. Characters are Anglo-Australian comic stereotypes, whose costumes are garish and glitzy. They wear heavy make up, have elaborate, cartoon-like hairdos, and are overly concerned with outward appearances. Obsessed with winning ballroom dancing competitions, they are nable to talk about anything else.

They have created an insular, claustrophobic world where outsiders are not welcome and innovation is seen as a threat. The heightened and stylised ballroom dancing world satirises aspects of Australian society.

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We lost. As recent migrants to Australia they are shown as living on the fringes of mainstream society, literally beside the railway tracks. Providing a stark contrast to the artificiality of the ballroom dancing world, their world is shown as more real. The exterior location suggests space and freedom. Characters are portrayed as more passionate and authentic than the winning-obsessed AngloAustralians because they dance from the heart rather than from a desire to win competitions.

Baz Luhrmann explains: for a particular Anglo-Australian attitude, shown here as hierarchical and conservative. After Scott and Liz lose the Waratah Championships Liz is inherent in dance before it became restrained and stifled. Scott tries to persuade her to listen to his ideas but she is only nterested in winning: suggests that expression in dance should be lived and enjoyed, rather than made into a competitive sport.

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His forced me into it — where the man goes the lady must follow — I had no choice. Shirley, like the other characters from the ballroom dancing world is onedimensional. She is depicted as a stereotypical domineering wife, browbeating mild-mannered husband Doug. Shirley is ambitious for her son Scott to win the Pan Pacific Dance Championships, but only if he dances the Federation way.

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Similarly, Shirley bursts into tears at the dance studio when the efforts to get Scott and Liz back together fail. Like Cinderella, her real mother has died. Her father Rico is shown as swarthy, unshaven and ultra-strict. The fact that he is different, the film suggests, has not been to his advantage. Doug Hastings is also different.

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There may have been some things overlooked in school. But he has other talents. You can feel the pain of that mental effort.

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They know that their marriage is the subject of curiosity. He is the whirling dervish with the visionary eye and the knack for camp. She is the design powerhouse whom Wintour has called as important in the film world as Ralph Lauren or Karl Lagerfeld are in fashion. In my presence, they both seemed eager to share a few tips on how they make their union work:.