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Ron Paul loses disputes over and domain names
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McCain, perhaps the strongest backer of the Iraq war in Congress, has the polar opposite view. The "Revolution" has a way to go before it turns the Republican party. First, it will have to get in the door. McCain, after all, is the Republican nominee.

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And he'll be speaking center-stage at the national convention in Minneapolis. Organizers have not yet said whether Paul will get the opportunity to address the convention at all. And Paul is not holding his breath. So the first official event sponsored by Paul's new Liberty Campaign will take place in Minneapolis, but decidedly outside the walls of the Republican National Convention in September. Paul has rented Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota, which hold 11, seats, for September 2, smack in the middle of the Republican convention, which takes place at the Xcel Center.

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He is also encouraging the delegates he won in the Republican primary — fewer than 50 — as well as Paul-leaning delegates committed to other candidates, to make their presence known at the Republican convention. Paul is still strongly encouraging them to take part in the GOP convention to influence the platform and represent the limited government wing of the Republican party," said Benton.

Michael Nystrom is such a delegate from Massachusetts. An independent web developer, Nystrom also runs the Web site www. And he's not alone. Nystrom speculates that close to half the delegates and alternates actually traveling from Massachusetts to the Republican convention are actually Paul supporters.

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Paul is well versed in the dangers of governments and their tendencies to grow; yet he thinks there is room in the world for a minimal amount of government. But Dr. The official Paul campaign is mounting a more traditional effort with television and radio advertising as well as phone calls to voters in early primary states. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu indicted for bribery, fraud, breach of trust. He opposes the Patriot Act , federal use of torture , presidential autonomy , a national ID card , domestic surveillance , and the draft. Ron Paul Audio. As campaigners, Paul's disparate and spirited supporters, though political novices, have shown themselves to be both creative in pushing their candidate and adroit in finding ways around both the traditional media and campaign finance laws.

And they plan to make their voices heard, even if the party won't allow Paul's to be. And if the other delegates at the convention won't talk to him, Nystrom said he'll have a Ron Paul sign and Ron Paul stickers for all to see, unless party officials try to take those away at the door. Then, he says, he'll have to sneak them inside.

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Nystrom and the other Paul-leaning Massachusetts delegates have had meetings to plot convention strategy and Nystrom said similar meetings are going on nationwide. Technically pledged to support former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Nystrom said he was elected as a delegate by speaking out at a party delegate meeting.

The father is about to gain even greater visibility. He says he will use his new chairmanship to renew his push for a full audit of the Fed and to hold a series of hearings on monetary policy. But in an interview, the senior Mr. Paul seemed taken by surprise by the suggestion of teaming up.

Ron Paul’s Iowa maneuvers place GOP in awkward position

While he is bursting-proud of his son, he is not necessarily ready to yield the spotlight: He is pondering another presidential run on his own. Aides add that it would depend a lot on what his wife, Carol, says. But for all the ways the Tea Party echoes Mr.

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Ron Paul: A to Z - Kindle edition by RP Jones. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Ronald Ernest Paul (born August 20, ) is an American author, physician, and retired politician who served as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 22nd.

Paul on fiscal issues, it is not clear such support would carry over into a presidential campaign. The last time he ran, he won less than 2 percent of the vote, though that was before the Tea Party became a force in politics. Even many Tea Party conservatives are not on board with Mr.

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And Paul supporters look on the Tea Party with some disdain. Paul acknowledged the sometimes competing interests among Tea Party supporters and his fans. That, he added, was why he had to work at keeping up his influence, particularly in spreading the word about the cost of foreign interventions. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

Why Ron Paul is so challenging to liberals

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Security guard indicted for choking year-old shoplifter. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu indicted for bribery, fraud, breach of trust.

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