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What is the origin of postprandial? Postprandial entered English in the first half of the 19th century. How is postprandial used? Nov 26 stargazer. What is the origin of stargazer?

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Stargazer originally had a very derogatory meaning. The little time that my loving little one was left to be taken care of by my parents at their house, turned to end my life?

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From thereon the diagnosis of his epilepsy out of trauma, the treatment, medications, medication side effects, social stigma, my husbands post surgery period…. Well no time for myself. I am now I write poems and sing to pat me up when I am tried to be eaten by this Cobra called depression.

By the way I live in the most expensive country called Sweden. That said.

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Today it was your story that has gathered back the likely must have spilled strength this morning and thanks a million times for conveying that I can still hold on to myself. Your article is full of life. I am so sorry to hear about your story, Varsha. You are a brave person. I hope God has better things in story for you in the future. As for depression, you may check out YourDost.

There are professional counselors, therapists lending a free ear to people like you and me. I did help me a little when I felt like venting out my frustration to a complete stranger in a non-confrontational manner. Hi Aman, Great post! Loved it! I have been suffering from depression amd anxiety for more than 10 years. Consulted many doctors and therapists ,but to no vain. My life is worse than the zeroeth point it can ever be.

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Can you share the details of your doctor and therapist in India? And your overall experience?

I would be too grateful! I have been to the US in for masters.


But discontinued it due to severe depression. I am in India since then. Is it advisable to pursue masters again now? I am better now but depend on medication. How will I manage with the medications in the US? Regarding medication, it is going to be tough for you to procure there.

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Kudos to the man for fighting it all back and has regained himself. For me, your story is way too powerful and inspiring. It can certainly make a positive impact for someone actually facing situation like yours. Thanks for sharing. Great read Sir. My sister got divorced few years back after 9 years of marriage. She has 6years daughter who is been taken care by my parents since kid. Parents are giving support all the time but sister mood swings during depression made her to react against them very badly.

I give her positive taking all time but there is no use after few days. Just positive talking and positive environment will not be sufficient as I see. Need some meds along as well looks like reading your case. Which psychiatrist did you see in delhi? The one which suited you finally. Going through similar stuff. Would be a great help if you could tell.

What I find among Indian American families is the desire to conform to certain career stereotypes, and not allowing the youngster to be comfortable in their own skin. Yes, a parent can guide, and expect certain behaviors upto say 18 or so, but ultimately they need to let the child make decisions about his or her future. Stuff like sensors in roads, bridges that track traffic, among other things.

You should consider talking to them. The situation is almost same for me except I am not from IIT. I suffered 15L and girlfriend too. With an incomplete MS and depression, I am struggling to get back on my feet. This story comes close to mine. Hang in there, buddy. Things will get better. You do not have to suffer through this alone. Good luck moving forward buddy! My wife went through depression and I had to bring her back from US to India after living there for almost 12 years,.. I know how it feels.. Hello aman Your article is awesome Because of this I am feeling relieved as because of society, people are crushed leading to depression and it happened to me.

My parents think that depression can be cured normally but the circumstances created by the school having a different board ib because of them I suffered in worst way leading me to make a suicide attempt. Thanks for this article to clear my mind that good score are not necessary.

Sorry to hear that you attempted such a drastic step. Yes, depression is often understood quite casually. I hope you are doing better now. Thanks for sharing this story bro, I have been through a similar phase where I left my high-paying job to pursue trading and suffered huge losses,lost huge opportunites and cursed myself again and again for my reckless decision , your story is a huge inspiration for someone like me trying to get back on the feet ,. Loss of interest and vitality are the alarming symptoms of depression. I think myself being in one. Not a great career and regrettable academic past has been the cause of it. Overwhelmed by self pity , constant guilt and regret.