Dysfunctional Meanderings

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Berlusconi publishes many gossip magazines.

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Everyone wants to be a celebrity and Berlusconi is the biggest celebrity of all. Yet Videocracy is not overtly polemical, nor even, at first, obviously critical. It's 22 minutes before Berlusconi's name is even mentioned, and 29 minutes before we see a picture of his grinning face — on a paparazzi shot, just before we see a picture of Berlusconi's most favoured party guest, Tony Blair.

Gandini begins by interviewing a tragic reality show wannabe: a singing martial arts hombre who aspires to be a cross between Ricky Martin and Bruce Lee. And then he moves on to interview the powerful and fantastically creepy celeb agent Lele Mora, a wealthy Mussolini enthusiast who invites the director to his fabulous home and introduces him to the pretty young boy and girl celebs who are permitted to hang around his pool.

This is, of course, situated on Sardinia's Emerald coast, near to where Berlusconi has his own substantial compound: the location for much partying.

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The interview with Mora leads us to one of the strangest and most loathsome individuals I have seen in any documentary: Fabrizio Corona, narcissistic body-builder, top paparazzo and celeb-snap agent, a former colleague of Mora who dominates the pap business and became notorious for selling incriminating pictures to their subjects so that they could be suppressed — a blackmailer, in other words, but one who became tolerated by the celeberazzi because his dominance meant he effectively regulated and controlled the market in this kind of material.

It appeared to be something like mafia protection: Corona was briefly imprisoned for extortion and blackmail and emerged from jail a hideous, self-admiring celebrity. These are all Berlusconi's people.

Norway’s dysfunc­tional democracy

Videocracy is a fascinating film, indicative of the new wave of scorn and revulsion felt by a younger generation of Italians for Berlusconi's smug and mediocre rule. She loves him, but she just had a quickie with a man she met in a bar. Little Bobby and Sally are going to need it.

Us, too. Then the reformed Sylar rescued Elle by helping with her glitchy internal electrical system.


Yeah, they qualify. He was there for her while she was in rehab.

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Dysfunctional Meanderings is a mixed medley adult picture book of previously published poetry and limited essays from Inoculation Theory. Dysfunctional Meanderings is a mixed medley adult picture book of previously published poetry and limited essays from Inoculation Theory. This book features​.

At the same time. When did it all go wrong for these two crazy Italian kids? When Christopher sent her on that fateful drive with Silvio and we never saw her again? Their show is in TV heaven now, but these tragic lovers will always have a place in doomed-relationship hell.

Dysfunctional Families

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