Billy, Lilly and Piccadilly: and a Little Magic, too!

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Mixed with an exotic story of wild horses and a Dark Lord that rules a kingdom in peril, this is an unusual and memorable book.


In , Gago created El Guerrero del Antifaz [Warrior of the Mask] , which would run for issues, finally ending in A veteran engineer who worked at a host of top radio broadcasting companies across a long career mostly spent in Los Angeles died Nov. But soon after he became the youngest ever Chief Brand Officer of Ford, he realized the culture wasn't for him. Leslie Ashwell Wood art. Still very active, he has occasionally left the field for movies, but has always returned to create something memorable. Survival Speech For Talkers - 9 Nov 11, am -. Is radio a media star again?

This illustrated collection of poems explores nature's miracles: Loosely based on the real life case of the Kerry babies, powerful imagery and lyrical prose is woven throughout this unforgettable, outstanding and ultimately hopeful novel. But unbeknownst to Stepmama, Regency-era Bath is full of notorious rakes, Napoleonic spies, and dangerous wild magic! In this quirky, fantastical graphic novel, Albert Einstein is at your service to guide you through time and space on a beam of light and answer all the questions you ever wanted to ask about life, the universe and everything.

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Lisa Jones and Edward Underwood Publisher: A bright and interactive cloth book with a velcro-fastening strap that can attach to a pram, this relatable little story about an everyday trip to feed the ducks can be read either on the go or at home. This exquisite volume of collective nouns will be treasured by children and adults alike, and cannot be recommended highly enough. Penelope is sent to stay with her great-aunt in an old Derbyshire house where the Babingtons used to live where discovers she can slip in and out of time.

There are puppies and kittens as well as ducks, a hedgehog and penguins too in these 11 stories about animals. Sam Pargeter and his younger brother and sister have always been poor. But, in their tiny house in the country, with Ma and Pa, they were one big happy family. Until Pa goes off to America to seek their fortune and Ma dies. Delightful dogs and Christmas adventure with a gentle nod to the latest royal couple, for their young fans combine in a charming rhyming picture book for the festive season. The pupils of Rainbow Class eagerly embark on a visit to City Farm, where they spend a fun-filled day meeting the animals.

This joyful tale, with its vibrant watercolour illustrations, perfectly captures the excitement of a school trip. Kady MacDonald Denton Publisher: Bear likes to be on his own until a mouse turns up and teaches him that sharing experiences is far better than being on your own. It seems like Flynn has it all - but he's also a manic depressive and two small daily pills represent the border between functioning normally and chaos.

Billy, Lilly and Piccadilly

A welcome republication for an Anthony Browne classic from Two children from very different backgrounds and their dogs make friends where their parents cannot. This is a great introduction to the world's key animal habitats, accompanied by amazing facts why do zebras have stripes? The stylishly expansive pen-and-ink illustrations prompt your curiosity along the journey. The fabulous sixth book in the Mortal Engines series. Two years ago, Fever Crumb escaped the war-torn city of London in a travelling theatre.

Now she arrives in the extraordinary craer city of Mayda. Marsha Diane Arnold Illustrator: This reassuring, sensitively illustrated story celebrates the milestones of pregnancy as the seasons pass, foregrounding the naturalness of the process as Emma excitedly awaits her new brother or sister. An orphaned girl goes on a dangerous journey to find a place where horses still exist. With the government in pursuit, her escape to Whales is an adventure in recovering a past she's never known.

Kris Humphrey's debut is the first part of a four part series for middle grade readers, with each part focussing on a new character and animal companion it will appeal to young fans of fantasy and adventure. Arianwyn Gribble has finished her witch training, and now the evil Hex is driving more and more supernatural creatures from the Great Wood and into Lull and beyond. Lots of magic and Cressida Cowell-style spirit creatures make for great fun. Spirited young nurse Felix shakes off her restrictive family to follow her heart and her political convictions to Spain to support the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War.

When Charles Wallace Murry goes searching through a 'wrinkle in time' for his lost father, he finds himself on an evil planet where all life is enslaved by a huge pulsating brain known as 'It'. Arthur is a genius and he's great at everything he tries, despite the recent death of his mother. Kessler combines a chatty tween novel with a serious dose of 'what if' in which a disused lift transports Jenni between the present and future years. Elliot wishes his Mum was more interesting: Skilful characterisation, gothic locations and plenty of humour combine to create an addictive read.

This inspiring ABC board book introduces mindfulness to young children as it guides readers through the rhyming alphabet. Learn the alphabet as you take a walk through the countryside. This is a great book for young readers who are just starting to learn their alphabet. When Abela loses her parents and sister to AIDS, she is left in the care of her aging grandmother in their African village.

Unbeknowst to her, her selfish Uncle Thomas is hatching a scheme to take her to England.

Billy, Lilly and Piccadilly

Simon was a starving, bedraggled kitten living off scraps in Hong Kong harbour when he was scooped up by an English sailor. So begins his life of adventure aboard the HMS Amethyst. Little Tiger Press Degrees. This fascinating and stylish picture book explores habitats both above and below the surface. The half-page flaps add another level of interactivity to this wonderful information book that young nature fans will love.

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BILLY, LILLY and PICCADILLY is a story about precocious five year old twins that adopt a cat named Piccadilly belonging to their neighbor, a retired magician. They soon learn that Piccadilly can perform a magic trick. The problem is he will not. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. One of Jean Smidt's favorite pastimes is traveling. Billy, Lilly and Piccadilly: And a Little Magic, Too! eBook.

What On Earth Books. It will provide you with enough fantastic facts to impress friends for the next few years. Katie's world feels like a mess: Things are weird with her best friend too. Katie's only escape is music and she loves writing her own songs, but then a film of her singing winds up online — and goes viral!

Is this Katie's chance to make her dreams of pop stardom come true? Or will it …. Harriet McBride Johnson Publisher: A humorous first 'chapters' book for newly independent readers or suitable for reading aloud to younger children.

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Pen and ink illustrations add interest and humour. The second in the Bitter Sixteen trilogy, Ace of Spiders fizzes with just as much heart, razor-sharp dialogue, down to earth humour and sci-fi references as the first in the series. One of the best modern takes on the superhero genre, out there. Jenna Strong used to be pretty, popular and rich - now she is a violent, battle-scarred skinhead in an all-male maximum security prison. Amy and her family are cryogenically frozen and stored aboard the Godspeed to travel to a new planet - but Amy is wrongly unfrozen 50 years early, forcing her to experience life aboard the ship.

Have you ever looked a giant squid in the eye, shaken hands with a gorilla or been face to face with a tiger?

A brilliant and beautiful rhyming book about supporting your child's curiosity, and taking inspiration from Ada Lovelace the pioneer mathematician and programmer , this is an inspirational and entertaining read. Four strangers are on the last train home when it is mysteriously derailed. As they all try to find out what's going on, we find out the thing that connects them all, which may be lurking outside the train.

There is much to savour in this wide-ranging poetry anthology about all things wild. Written in response to the removal of many nature-related words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, each of the forty poems is about one of these 'missing' words. This first book by Paralympian and TV presenter Ade Adepitan offers a fascinating picture of his childhood. With a light touch and plenty of wit, he recalls the influences and events that helped to shape his life and career.

Entertaining, accessible and inspiring. This tender and sometimes poignant book is delicately illustrated using a muted colour palette. Adelaide lives a quiet life in a mysterious city.

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However, one stormy day leads to a chance meeting with someone similar to her, instigating much change in Adelaide's life and her city. Full of beautiful and surreal painted illustrations. A quirky, appealing and original young adult romance told from two contrasting perspectives, this is a sharp-eyed and funny insight into relationships for the Rookie generation.

Gareth P Jones Illustrator: The Leaky Battery is a pirate ship with a crew powered by steam and clockwork, apart from Pendle the cabin boy who is really a girl. After the motley crew of The Leaky Battery escape the clutches of the King of England, they run into trouble when a mechanical albatross lands on their ship. They make a plan to get their treasure back and uncover more mysteries than they bargained for in this rip-roaring tale of daring-do on the high seas.

Witty, engaging text is complemented by humorous pen and ink illustrations and clever characterisation making this ideal for newly independent readers. Eight inspirational stories plucked from the storytelling traditions of eight different countries, bring the fascinatingly diverse culture of the African continent alive. The fourth installment in Morris Gleitzman's unforgettable series beginning with Once , tells the story of what happened to Felix in the final, agonising stages of the Second World War. Given a video camera on her thirteenth birthday, Bluebell Gadsby sets out to document her life and her quirky, bohemian family.

But did you know what happened afterwards? S D Crocket Publisher: Fifteen-year-old Willo has been left alone in the freezing and snow covered hills that have been his home for years. Matt's world changed forever on Armageddon Monday, when five banks crashed simultaneously.

Now he's living in a refugee camp, struggling to survive. Frances Lincoln Childrens Books. After a major earthquake in devastates their lives, Makis and his mother are re-homed in North London, but they face antagonism from both the British and Greek communities.

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A very rewarding and exciting page turner. Afterworlds is very well written with an exciting double plot that keeps the reader engrossed. An all-round great read. It's Cedric's the little dragon's bedtime, but before he goes to sleep, there's just enough time for mum to read him a bedtime story. This beautiful fairy tale story of hope and dreams is enchanting.

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Jane Ray's illustrations are truly magical. A wonderful book to keep and treasure. Aiden is a target for school bullies. The only way he can survive is to suck up to the teacher, so he offers to look after the classroom animals.

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But there is something strange about them A fun-filled mystery with a great twist. Iris travels far away to a surfing competition with her boyfriend, Zeke, but when they are both far away from what they know, Iris sees a different side to her boyfriend. The first volume of Wole Soyinka's acclaimed series of autobiographical works. This vivid, exuberant book is the author's account of his childhood in colonial Nigeria. The classic tale is retold and illustrated using delicate silhouettes in six exquisite three-dimensional scenes.